The COOLEST Game Ever Made: HALO 2!!!

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Halo 2 Screenshot. You are holding a Sniper Rifle. Halo 2!!
This site is all about Halo 2, the game for xbox. I will be telling you all about Halo 2. Ever since I got the game I've been in love with it. You'll love this site whether you're a newbe or an expierienced gamer. Be sure to check out my Favorite Links page. Also be sure to post some new news, upcoming importent events in Halo 2, or anything else you think I need to know inMy Corkboard

More information on Halo 2

What is xbox live?

Xbox live allows you to play with other people from around the world while talking to them through a headset. If you have Halo 2 I would strongly suggest getting xbox live. It makes offline play look SO bad.

Xbox live:
Pros.: Great fun; can work with many games; voice communication.
Cons.: .00 a year (subscription card); a nightmare to set up; only works with high speed internet.


Gliches are flaws in the game. People have a lot of fun with gliches. There are also many of them. They are really amazing. I know one where you can get on top of the level, I know another one where you can fly, I also know one where you will go to another place in the level. There are so many gliches that I cannot tell you all of them because I don't even know all of them. Unfortunatly Bungie (the company who makes Halo) is going to release a new download for Halo 2 that will fix all of the gliches. The only good thing about this download is that it gives you two new maps. Im surprised there isn't a riot outside of Bungie right now. I am going to write a letter to them asking them to spare sword and rocket launching which allows you to to launch far distances to reach other people.

Elites Elites

In the Halo 2 campaign Elites are your enimies. They have the same abilities as you. They have the same shield power, strength, and can dual wield just like you. Later in the gme you get to be an elite. Elites are shorter than spartans.
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